Online travelling

Offline travel to space for Leroy Merlin

CUSTOMER: Leroy Merlin is an international retailer specializing in the sale of goods for construction, decoration and home improvement, summer cottages, and gardens. Leroy Merlin helps people around the world improve their homes and improve their quality of life.

REQUEST: to develop and hold a bright, non-standard, stylish offline event for store directors who have been trained at the Academy as a graduation at the end of the program.

  • open dialogue with company leaders;
  • networking between participants;
  • reflection of learning outcomes at the Academy;
  • understanding how to work effectively in the “single role of a store manager” through entrepreneurial spirit and passion, community, the ability to work in a situation of constant change, etc.;
  • reflection and incentive to move forward;
  • meeting with bright inspiring speakers.

Space event!
Both in theme and atmosphere.

40 graduates, 20 guests, 2 top managers, 2 guest speakers, 1 cosmonaut, 180 tubes of space food :)
8 hours of joint work that flew by in one breath.

Like astronauts, the participants summed up the results of a long training, passed tests on the team "space simulators," and talked about the characteristics of leadership in times of change and the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is the fuel on the way to new galaxies. We met our fears and doubts and successfully overcame them. We found our guiding star and made a personal “warp jump,” responding to the challenge of the Universe.
And all this is surrounded by art objects, live music, performers, and parting words from a Roscosmos cosmonaut.

  • charge of inspiration;
  • live connections;
  • a personal dream that you want to move towards in a new role with the company.

I thank the VOZDUKH team for their cooperation in the preparation of the Graduation Party! It was very easy to work. Throughout the whole time, one could feel attention to our wishes and ideas (even the most crazy and not completely clearly formulated), readiness to conduct a dialogue, and make only the best decisions that fall into our request. It turned out to be a real creative collaboration between business representatives and a cool creative team, which led to very inspiring results. The event definitely became one of the most memorable events of 2021. Thanks!

Denis Fedin, Head of projects for the development of competencies of store directors