Online travelling

Business game on creativity and openness to new things with direct broadcasts from Russian cities

  1. The company needs to look for new development opportunities.
  2. Sanctions and the political situation have an impact on operations.
  3. And it is important to support the staff of the company, to give a sense of unity with each other and to provide resources to move forward, no matter what.
  4. Get inspiration and ideas for innovative projects.

  • 156 employees of the central office, 7 top managers.
  • Event lasting 7 hours.
  • The first two hours - speeches by top managers about the current situation, then a business game.
  • The need for top managers to observe the involvement and activity of employees and the development of ideas.
  • The need to include 10 facilitators from among the company's employees, for whom such experience will be new.

We developed a business game from a series of stages, which had a game canvas in the form of Journey for Ideas. The participants prepared luggage, got acquainted with the media program in flight, were inspired by ideas from 3 cities of Russia, answered questions about the company's business and created their own innovative projects.

Step 1 - Preparing for flight. Acquaintance with 10 fellow travelers in virtual cabins (at the tables).
Flight requirements assessment: analysis of the limitations and risks that exist in the company.
Baggage Gathering: Summarizing all the resources a company has for development.
At this stage, an electronic tool for collecting ideas was used and the results of the work were broadcast on a common screen.

Step 2 - Boarding the aircraft and getting to know the media program on board.
Speeches by an expert futurist about the trends of the future. Answers on questions.
Exercises to develop openness to new things.

Step 3 - Landing in Novosibirsk. Live broadcast from the city. Acquaintance with the discoveries and achievements of Akademgorodok. Development of participants' creativity. Crazy brainstorming on the search for innovative ideas for the company.

Step 4 - Flight and landing in Yekaterinburg - the new Russian capital of contemporary art. Live broadcast from the city and acquaintance with the transformation of the city, thinking and the development of non-standard artistic thinking. Selecting key innovation projects and prototyping project ideas from scrap materials.
Presentation of projects in order to receive developing feedback from partner teams.

Step 5 - Flight and landing in Kazan. Live broadcast from the city and immersion in the life of Innopolis - an innovative settlement in Tatarstan, the path from idea to implementation. The work of teams to detail projects and prepare them for the final electronic and video presentations. Voting for outstanding projects.

Step 6 - Summing up the trip. Highlighting the brightest project ideas and gratitude from the TOP teams for their involvement in the business game. Homecoming. Sharing travel experiences.

1. Participants in a creative and intense experience, got to know each other, strengthened communication in the team, gained experience of exciting interaction
2. The participants were inspired by the domestic experience of development and achievements in the cities of Russia
3. Developed 20 ideas for innovative projects in 4 areas of business development
4. Gained support experience from the TOP team.