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Hybrid flight to Venice for Gazprom Neft leadership program

Just forward and up!
Gazprom Neft employees visit Venice in the Team Triathlon finals

On October 25, 2021, the solemn completion of the second stream of the Team Triathlon management workshop took place. The race for a distance of 7 months was completed successfully and productively, with dozens of individual and team sessions, development and implementation of joint projects, as well as tasks for intensive development in practice.

The Team Triathlon Management Workshop is a developmental environment that helps teams achieve big management goals while seamlessly integrating into day-to-day activities. The workshop is intended for senior and middle managers of Gazprom Neft, as well as for their real teams. Approximately 300 people are trained per year. This approach provides employees of different levels with access to a quality training program, which reflects the trend towards the democratization of training.

The uniqueness of the workshop lies in the combination of various digital learning formats, individual support from coaches and trackers, and the ability to immediately use the tools to achieve your business goals.

Undoubtedly, the finale of such an active marathon needed to be a memorable, bright and innovative event, designed specifically for the graduation of this curriculum. At the same time, it was important to find the right solution in the current situation of epidemiological instability.
That is why the team of the department for the development of strategic competencies of the Gazprom Neft company turned to the VOZDUKH Center to create and implement the most comfortable and, most importantly, most effective form of summing up the results of a 7-month workshop.

The VOZDUKH Center team offered the participants of the training program an online trip to Venice, where the final stage of the legendary Ironman triathlon series was being held at that very moment. This formed the basis of the form in which the final event was packaged.

The event was implemented in a hybrid format: The leaders were at different sites, connected via video conferencing, and team members could attend and interact with each other via youtube broadcast.

For graduation, a game canvas was developed with content elements built into it that are important for the completed training program. For greater immersion in the metaphor of the game journey, the heroes of the program were met by the facilitator of the event, who appeared in the form of a flight attendant. The captain of the aircraft and the head coach of the Team Triathlon program got on an impromptu online board. All participants began the journey by “soaring into the sky,” thanks to the visual footage of the flight.

In the "flight," the leaders told their stories of passing the workshop. Participants shared insights on how they overcame difficulties, gained energy to achieve goals, became managing partners for their teams, learned to delegate and much more.

To make each story of the leader come to life not only at the level of words, but also at the level of emotions, the actors of the playback theater, accompanied by the musician, played out the stories, revealing the hidden meanings of what was said.

The "airplane" with the graduates "landed" in sunny Venice, where the participants of the event were met by a resident of the city and opera singer Anna Sanachina. Live, she gave the program participants a tour of the Venetian streets, being in constant dialogue and interaction with them. She taught some Italian gestures, shared the peculiarities of life in Venice and demonstrated one of the most beautiful bookstores in Europe - Acqua alta, where everyone could immerse themselves in art poetry and feel it.

In Venice, the leaders continued to share stories. And here it was no longer professional actors who acted out stories, but the graduates themselves were able to feel like creators and composed small lines about the workshop, which they wove into a single poetic canvas to the sounds of live music.

Such a high note created a soft and smooth transition to another object of online travel. Employees of Gazprom Neft were able to see the house-museum of the Venetian aristocracy and examine its exterior and look into the interior decoration: beams of the 16th century, ancient jugs, the coat of arms of the family. Also, on the air, there was an opportunity to ask questions of interest to the owners of the house and communicate with each other, tuning in to the culminating stage of the graduation party - a quiz.

The intellectual quiz was devoted to knowledge about Venice, Ironman competitions and the leadership program. The participants of the face-to-face meeting were divided into teams, and those who watched the broadcast online competed in the individual standings. As a result, 3 winners were chosen, the prize for which was personal postcards from Venice sent by Anna after the trip created by the VOZDUKH Center team.

A block of awards, words of gratitude from the leadership and a congratulatory opera awaited all the participants ahead. After watching the visual video sequence of the flight, the guests were expected to return to their usual operating mode, where each of them will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and experience in practice.

The graduation was a bright final event, where each participant of the workshop not only shared the results, but also received new experience and a charge of emotions from communication in an unusual format. The variety of art forms and points of contact with the participants made it possible to bring them into deeper contact with each other. Engagement, new experiences and feelings will successfully work to maintain the loyalty of employees in the future, as well as set them up for further achievements in the future.