Online travelling

Online flight to Venice with the All Together Association

Full immersion in the atmosphere of the journey: "flights" there and back, a tour of Venice in real time, a live concert of an opera singer, a story about the charity of Italy and communication.

Even before the meeting began, those who signed up received personal invitations with recommendations for creating a suitable atmosphere.
The event was organized by the All Together Charitable Meeting within the Resource of Kindness project together with the VOZDUKH Center as part of the Resource of Kindness burnout prevention project using grant funds from the Moscow City Department of Labor and Social Protection.

Feedback from Victoria Antonova, Program Coordinator, "All Together" Association
"Venice is a city of dreams for many people, and when borders are closed, it seems generally unattainable. Spring and summer 2020 were especially hot for many employees and volunteers of charitable organizations. Together with the VOZDUKH Center team, we organized an online trip for them and helped them turn their attention from their daily worries to beautiful Venice.

The flight attendants helped us get into the virtual plane and fly towards the wonderful guide Anna Sanachina, who has been living in Venice for more than 10 years and showed herself to us live on Zoom, and also impressed us with her live opera singing. We were able to go to a closed Venetian garden, learn local traditions, meet a Franciscan monk and ask him any question. The meeting was filled with beautiful views, acquaintance with the culture of Italy and interesting communication, and each participant was able to share his story about help and support.

Thank you very much to the VOZDUKH Center team for the excellent organization, for creating a very special atmosphere and the spirit of a real trip!"

An excerpt from a 90-minute journey.
This flight was carried out by the Association "All Together" and the VOZDUKH Center within the framework of the "Resource of Kindness" project with the support of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection.

Impressions from Egor Utkin, co-founder of VOZDUKH Center:
“It was a 90-minute journey for volunteers and representatives of volunteer organizations and social projects. In addition to emotional exhalation and switching from work, I managed to talk about the Franciscan monastic order, make an educational tour and a quiz.
We have collected several highlights of the trip (video below). It took 20 minutes from the 1.5 hour online flight.
I counted about 40 facts about Venice shared by Anna Sanachina, monk Luka, and flight attendant Alisa Gribushenkova.
The video contains:
- Italian words
- Views of Venice in real time
- Learning gestures
- Interview with a Franciscan monk
- Part of the quiz about the culture and art of Italy
- Opera performance (!)"