Online travelling

Monthly online meeting at MS TEAMS in travel format

Multon is a Russian innovative company for the development and production of healthy food products based on fruits: natural juices, nectars, fruit drinks, functional products, mashed potatoes in aseptic packaging, which is part of the Coca Cola HBC Russia system.

Conduct a monthly online meeting in a bright, unusual format that unobtrusively, in the natural process, actualizes the importance of not only the processes, but also the personal manifestations of people.
Number of participants - 120 people; duration - 75 minutes; online platform - Microsoft Teams

  • corporate "vacation" with meaning
  • team building through personality
  • internal product placement
  • unobtrusive reflection of one's support and personal engine in a period of uncertainty and constant change.

Immersive online travel to Venice.
Together with a familiar meeting, the participants suddenly find themselves on board a virtual plane, where they are met by the CEO in the role of the ship's commander. The crew team helps the participants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the flight and look at each other from a new perspective.
The virtual flight takes participants to the very heart of Venice, where they are met by a guide. Telling the story, history and secrets of Venice and Venetians immerses travelers in the topic of adaptation and empowers people to share what supports and helps them cope with uncertainty on their own.
The architecture of the city, live communication and unusual facts become a space for exhalation, inspiration and reflection.
Throughout the journey, the participants are accompanied by the company's products. Turns out, they could be found in the luggage of the participants, in the entire crew's luggage and even in the refrigerator of the Venetian hosts, who were visited by the travelers together with the guide.
The journey ended with an inspiring speech from the commander of the ship, a live opera and a friendly flight back to Moscow.

  • exhalation, switching and inspiration of the participants
  • creating additional connection and mutual interest: a map of birthplaces, a library of inspiring books
  • a bundle of the company's products with pleasant experiences, Italy and travel

“Great trip! I liked the possibility of "live communication" (the ability to delegate any request / action to the guide). Looking forward to the next opportunity! ”

“Great event! So warm, soulful, filled. As if I’ve visited Venice myself ”

Pilot in the company office