Online travelling

Travel to Moscow for Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness International Consultancy is in the field of building organizations based on happiness as a business model. An online team-building event needed to be conducted before diving into a 3-day strategy session. Fresh format and total inclusiveness was required.

  • International team
  • 25 employees
  • Age: between 25 and 65 y.o.
  • Participants from 7 different countries (USA, Spain, Egypt, Colombia, Canada, Bolivia, Russia)
  • Team members were familiar with each other, so the purpose of the event was to bring their interaction and communication to a new, deeper level
  • The team delivers unique and interesting WOW experiences (master classes) for their clients
  • The event needed to bring inspiration for the team
  • Another pivotal point is to improve the team's openness to new things

A virtual trip to Moscow
Before the event, the participants received boarding tickets and a list of required luggage.

1. Meeting on the plane.
A few minutes in a regular online meeting format, and suddenly everyone was onboard a virtual plane. The participants filled the online world map, marking the cities “where everyone comes from” and “where I’d love to go” as part of check-in.
After takeoff, the participants shared how they missed travel, watched our funny video about stereotypes existing about Russia, and discussed which stereotypes exist about their countries and what is their attitude to it.

2. Meeting in Moscow.
A Moscow guide joined the team in real time after the virtual landing. The guide established warm contact with the participants and introduced them to Muzeon Park. The video was broadcasted by a cameraman with a camera stabilizer so that the participants could have almost like a first-hand experience of walking around Moscow.
Muzeon has become a metaphor for revisiting the past and opening to the new.

3. Immersive activities: dancing, sauna, tea party.
This part included several live broadcasts with different presenters. The participants shared their stories, came in touch with the Moscow narrative, danced a Russian traditional dance and visited what’s at the heart of a Russian living – a traditional Russian banya or a steam sauna, a body-revitalizing and mind-interconnecting experience.

4. A common outlook and the end of the journey.
In the end, we climbed the Crimean bridge to observe the city from a bird's eye view, meditated and had insights, and thought about the importance of looking at a bigger picture to make a fresh start. Feeling happy and revitalized, the participants returned to their strategy sessions.

  • Like a rocket, this event launched the business energy for the next 3 days.
  • 1-hour ‘travel’ meeting revealed the trust, creativity and sense of unity in the team.
  • The engagement and new experience enriched the entire team and set them up for new business ideas. 72% of participants voluntarily turned on their cameras while traveling.

Here are some of the reviews from our "passengers":
“It was an amazing experience − so interactive and immersive. I felt like I was in Moscow and learned a lot about the country, its history and its beautiful people.
This experience brought our team together through laughter. An excellent start before a 3-day session that sets the tone for the rest of the strategy days.”

“Outstanding experience!
It set the right tone at the beginning of the strategy session and quickly engaged everyone in the process!”

“I liked the Moscow tour! Our online retreat started in a creative and enthusiastic way, which helped us a lot during the next strategy days.”

“The best of creativity! I enjoyed it! I think it helped people feel at ease, revitalized and inspired for the three-day strategy session!”

According to Natalia Kotlyarova, Business Development Director of Delivering Happiness in Russia, the power of such immersive travel is not only in the content but also in the approach that ensures maximum involvement. This is very relevant in today's world full of online communication, e-learning and live events.