Digital adventure
Around the world in 24 hours
virtual flight in zoom and
broadcast on youtube
hours on stream
With the support of
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The world will never be the same
We learn to live in a new, closed reality, under the pressure of fear for ourselves and loved ones.
It pulls a person into a stressful state. In a world of closed doors and borders, it becomes difficult to relieve oneself, feel involved, express and be heard.
Tension and emotional pressure rises
We can get through this if we tell our stories and listen to the stories of others
We are citizens of the world.
We are closer to each other than we think.
We look similar.
Our stories echo.
What awaits us
On the plane we will be met by a pilot and flight attendants who will accompany us throughout the trip.
Online stream
in every country
We will meet local online in a significant place. We will hear a personal story about how it is now in this country, in this city, with this person.
What supports citizens of this country in 2021
Immersion through activity
We will get to know each other, talk, do something together (learn local gestures, elements of national dance, vivid phrases, make a wish, etc.)
Travel souvenirs
Based on the results of our trip around the world, we will collect a library of artifacts filled with stories of people from all over the world, advice, names of books / films / music that supports people in different countries.
One city example - VENICE
Within 30 minutes we will visit the city on the water.
We will be greeted by Anna Sanachina, an opera singer who has lived in Venice for 10 years.
Together with her, we will walk through the streets of the city, learn how the Venetians are going through the pandemic, what supports them.
Anna will teach us Italian gestures that can be used in everyday life =)
8,000 seats

for passengers on a zoom plane for 24 hours
over 20 000

youtube broadcast participants
45 countries

and live broadcasts from local residents

participation for everyone. The more, the more beautiful =)
VOZDUKH Airlines
Immersive online travel to any city in the world.
The technology of immersion into the values of the city through the stories of residents helps passengers to experience all kinds of transformations.

We have already flown to Venice, Rio de Janeiro, Florida, Prague, Buenos Aires, Moscow, etc.

Flights were ordered by: DiDi, VTB Bank, Central Bank, Consultant +, Novard, Raiffeisen, Gazpromneft
Founded in 1990, the International Playback Theater Network (IPTN) is an association of groups, practitioners and advocates of the method. Currently IPTN unites theaters in 80 countries of the world.
The project is supported by
International Playback theatre Network
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This project can only be realized in cooperation and partnership.
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Our team
The team consists of 20 people: directors, performers, musicians, psychologists, business practitioners
Egor Utkin
Project Manager
+7 985 318 1905
Olga Sanachina
+7 916 510 7798
Nastya Vorobyova
Community Coordinator
+7 916 027 6115
Anna Geronova
Partner & Sponsor Coordinator
+7 968 876 0993
See you on
your trip!