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Immersive live stream travel
for emotional experiences and valuable transformation
Why travel?
✓ It has scope for change and transformation. Everyone returns from the trip different: fulfilled and inspired.
✓ It's a vacation like none other. The ability to let out a breath and be rewarded.
✓ It is a journey to a specific environment, culture and values. It helps to see, understand, absorb.
These are to reacquaint: with others, colleagues, yourself.
Traveling with VOZDUKH AIRLINES is an immersive flight and an exciting, guided tour of a city.
* Professional facilitation
* Live interaction
* Exercises to develop soft skills
* Broadcast missions and company values!
And the most important thing...
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An experienced team
that will provide:
An opportunity to observe your worth, while belonging to a group and a common cause. Realize the need to be heard and seen, to feel your own importance.
Only actions allow us to test our knowledge. As a spectator, we perceive information, but we do not concretize it till we put it into actions.
For any change to be effective, a vivid and deep emotional experience is required. This experience serves as a starting point for change.
The immersive format creates a safe atmosphere for co-creation, where everyone becomes an active member and crafts their own emotional experience.
VOZDUKH has become, from this point of view, an invaluable partner.
Art makes us think, be inspired, want to work miracles, immerse ourselves ideologically in the atmosphere that is so important for us to create.
For the transformation to take place,
it is not enough to use traditional formats.
Art is one of the best teachers.
Executive Producer of LNA Skolkovo Programs
destinations are open for flights
Venice | Moscow | Johannesburg
Rio | Buenos Aires | Bangalore | Prague Sarasota| Stockholm
Most popular
destination 2024 - Venice!
An immersive online journey for employees and customers.
Participation of a pilot and a flight attendant in a virtual plane that you aboard. Live broadcasts from residents of Venice (including an opera singer, 73-year-old aristocrats). Broadcasting the values and mission of the company, and working with adaptability and personal resources.

60-120 minutes. Up to 1000 people

How do we do it

  • Methods of art
    storytelling, theatrical improvisation, immersive theater, bodily practices, music, etc.
  • Expert team
    directors, screenwriters, artists, musicians, event managers, coaches, methodologists, artists, psychologists, business practitioners
  • Technical support
    zoom, padlet, kahoot, menti, getcourse, bots, telegram, miro,
    focusrite for musicians
  • International experience and contacts
    workshops and performances in 19 countries: Canada, USA, Singapore, Israel, India, Switzerland, Mexico, etc.
    Business class passengers
    Partners that are solving business problems through travel
    Customer Reviews
    • It was an amazing experience. It was so interactive and immersive. I felt like I was in Moscow and learned a lot about the country, history and beautiful people.
      This experience allowed our team to rally through laughter. A great start to a 3-day meeting that sets the tone for all days of the strategy session!
      Natalia Kotlyarova
      Business Development Director Russia
      Delivering Happines,US
    • Interesting, unusual format. It stands out from the mass of online events.
      Information is presented easily, unobtrusively and in need, which is very important for doctors in difficult times.

      It was atmospheric. The information was presented in a dosed and tasteful manner. Kind with healthy. We hooked the target audience for sure!
      Event participants
      Pharmaceutical company
      PRO.MED.CS Praha, Ru
    • It was a valuable experience for the team. The virtual flight brought together employees from the Americas, Europe and Asia. It turned out to get to know each other better and exhale emotionally during a busy work period. The pilot and flight attendants of VOZDUKH Center managed to immerse everyone in the atmosphere of travel. As if we visited Venice, walked live along the canals, met an opera singer, local aristocrats. Thank you!
      Yulia Soshnikova
      DIDI Russia, RU, US, UAE, Ch
    • You created such a creative outline and creative process for our learning event that for a moment in the virtual space all boundaries disappeared, and we ended up close together, laughed and almost touched each other.
      Christina Tarasova
      Talent acquisition manager
      LOREAL, Ru
    VOZDUKH Center founders
    • Egor Utkin
      Co-founder of VC. Producer, CEO
      An expert in the field of international project management, creative industries. Professional dancer. Graduate of the Swedish Institute (Stockholm), International Design Program, BalticLab. Certified specialist in Human Resources Management. AIESEC graduate. 11 years of project management experience. Carrying out projects in the field of culture and art in Russia, USA, Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Kenya, Serbia, South Africa, Israel.

    • Olga Sanachina
      Co-founder of VC. Creative director
      An expert in the field of business training. Psychologist. Accredited Playback Theater Trainer, New York. Master of Sports in gymnastics.
      Psychodramatist, graduate of acting and directing courses at the Polish Theater in Moscow, PYR FYR Performance School. Former business coach, head of the team of trainers of the Runa Consulting Group.

    • Anastasia Vorobyova
      Co-founder of VC. Director of Education and International Relations
      Expert in the field of international social art projects. Performer.
      President of IPTN, the International Community of Playback Theatre Practitioners
      Accredited trainer (Center of Playback Theater, New York), human rights activist, organizer of projects in the social sphere and theater.


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